Our Difference

When it comes to building your dream home, you look for peace of mind with a builder who can offer the best value for money, a hassle free building procedure, quality workmanship, and proficiency. Time frame certainty is also a very important issue when the building process takes place, not to mention hidden costs. Whether building a new house, renovating or having an extension done, we provide superior quality workmanship, service and inclusions.

If peace of mind and satisfaction is a vital factor in you purchasing decision, be sure to compare what other Builders offer and provide and make sure you don’t come across hidden costs as most Builders do.

At Alsa Constructions, we not only offer these commitments to our valued customers and clients; we GUARANTEE them.

We Guarantee:
  • Allocated start date
  • Inclusions Guaranteed
  • Fixed price contract
  • Guaranteed completion time
  • Independent quality inspection
  • 6 Star Energy Rating
  • Best value for money
  • NO Hidden costs

We don’t mass produce homes; therefore we can provide personalised services at every stage and customise your dream home exactly to your taste.  We take pride in our projects and results at all times. 

Our Directors, Staff and team value Efficiency, Quality, Teamwork, Satisfaction, Responsibility and Innovation.  These are the key factors to our success and this is why our company has been well accepted by clients, subcontractors and suppliers.